To Yolk or Not to Yolk...

As an individual who is passionate about nutrition and health, it has become second nature to primarily make egg whites and order them when I eat out. Why has the yolk gotten such a bad rap? Egg yolks are primarily associated with the amount of cholesterol they contain, which is around 217mg. Those who have high cholesterol or are at risk for heart disease should avoid these golden orbs.  Others might choose to avoid these meaty morsels in order to limit the amount of fat and calories they consume.

One egg white alone contains only 17 calories, compared to a whole egg which contains 77 calories. Egg whites contain trace amounts of fat compared to the 4g to 5g of fat from a yolk. The yolk of an egg does have a great deal of benefits that you can not obtain from simply eating the whites. The yolk of an egg contains a significant amount more phosphorous, which is beneficial for bone and teeth health as well as muscle function. The yolk also contains an increased amount of calcium, which is also important for the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth as well as the function of muscles, enzymes and hormones. The fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K are contained in the yolk as well as essential fatty acids. Therefore by slipping the yolk in the trash, you are tossing out some important vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.

There is an evident amount of pros and cons for the consumption of the yolk and ultimately that choice should be made based on diet and health status.

*all egg yolks were properly disposed of at the end of the photo shoot.