Kale, Kefir and ...... Couscous

This tabouli was inspired by a dish that I had out last week with a dear friend. Whether it was the great company, the candlelight or the Cote de Rhone, the delicate balance of smooth butternut squash, slightly crunchy kale and bulgur wheat was lovely and I knew I had to emulate it at home. In my version I did a blend of whole wheat couscous and bulgur wheat cooked in low sodium vegetable broth, added chickpeas and finished it with with grated parmesan.

 Kale is one of my all time favorite greens. It holds up incredibly well, is hearty, filling and can be prepared in a diverse amount of ways. Kale is also incredibly nutritious and is a wonderful source of vitamins K, A and C, dietary fiber and calcium. Kale is also anti-inflammatory and an an antioxidant, which means it helps fight off chronic disease and cancer. So get your Kale on!

To accompany my tabouli I made roasted beets with arugula, toasted sunflower seeds and finished it with some horseradish "cream". To make a creamy dressing, I used kefir, a fermented yogurt that is full of probiotics. Fat free kefir is a nice substitution for full or partial fat dairy products, since it has a creamy consistency, but the tartness of yogurt. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that improve gastrointestinal health and may aid in calcium absorption. Kefir is also a good source of protein, vitamins D and K and calcium.