Bowl Life Living


If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably know I am slightly obsessed with bowls. Bowls provide a vehicle to create a balanced meal in one dish. If I had to place the origin of my "obsession" with bowl life, it can be traced back to the beginning of my CSA. I felt overwhelmed by all the beautiful produce and was eager to use most of it at once. By all means, I am not claiming creative ownership over the "bowl" situation as it is far from original or unique.

What makes a perfect bowl? It is the balance of a fiber rich complex carbohydrate as your foundation, surrounded by fresh or cooked seasonal veggies. This can be as simple as steamed string beans or garlic sautéed spinach. For protein, I usually like to include a hummus of some sort or an egg, if I am doing a bibimbap type of situation . Lately, I've been playing around with artichoke and white bean hummus, as it's mildness mixes well with most vegetables. I sometimes sprinkle hemp seeds for some added protein and crunch and, of course, my bowls are never complete without some slivered avocado.

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join the bowl life living lifestyle...your dishwasher will thank you