The Sunday Roast

Whole roasted wild red snapper stuffed with fennel, lemon, parsley, and garlic.

Roasting a whole fish might seem intimidating, but it is one of the most simple and healthful dishes to make. Filling the cavity of the fish permeates the meat with flavor and moisture. The exterior of the fish was also infused with flavor by slitting the skin of the snapper and stuffing it with garlic parsley “butter” (earth balance spread). This dish was light and satisfying and extremely simple to make. The fennel that could not fit inside the fish was roasted along side and provided a lovely caramelized side dish.

Garlic is a component that is used in practically everything I cook. Besides from imparting flavor, garlic is also beneficial for your health. Garlic helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, improves circulation, and helps prevent atherosclerosis, which is the build up of plaque in the arteries. Garlic may prevent the tendency of blood to clot since it possesses blood thinning properties, therefore it can be hazardous for those taking certain medications. Garlic may also cause heartburn and lead to gas and mouth odors, which might also lead to the avoidance of others talking, kissing, or being within a close proximity.

Roasted cauliflower with ramps.

To continue the theme of the roast, I roasted cauliflower with olive oil and ramps (a seasonal vegetable that is a cross between garlic and onion) and finished it with parsley.