The latest from the Radish

peach + blueberry crumble

I am by no means a baker - I like to leave that to the pros. In the summer when fruit is pure magic and little to no sugar or "extras" are needed, I break out of my anti-baking mentality. This crumble is what I like to call "baby baking" or "baking light". Precise measurements are not 100 percent required, and the ingredients are adaptable, depending on what fruit you happen to have on hand or what is in season.

crunchy radish morocco

Morocco was an experience for all the senses. It was gritty and potent and sticky and flavorful - all tangled up in an adventurous holiday. We traveled to North Africa for one week in June and ate our way through Fes, Marrakesh, and the High Atlas Mountains. Read more about our Moroccan adventure in the travel section

summer salad series + cherry tomato and cucumber panzanella

It is unbearably hot and humid here in NYC. So hot that the thought of turning on the stove makes me lethargic. This salad requires no more than 5 minutes of heat, and those 5 minutes are well worth it. Tomato panzanella is a quintessential summer dish, and I am happy it has found a home on the crunchy radish summer salad series. Instead of white french bread to soak up the juices and dressing, I use a hearty sprouted whole grain loaf, but a gluten-free option would work well too. Cucumbers add the perfect amount of crunch and pair perfectly with vibrant and flavorful cherry tomatoes for this simple and savory summertime dish.