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amaranth porridge + papaya apricot purée

I had a few classes in the Chef's Training Program at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts which focused on food and healing. The recipes were simple and straightforward, and the food produced was some of my favorite that we made all term. I thrive on the simplicity of a balanced and nourishing meal and truly get giddy when something so simple using a handful of ingredients can taste so good and be so fortifying.

17 ways to clean up your diet and stay on track for spring

It finally feels like spring here on the East Coast. Flowers are blooming, the elusive ramp is starting to make its appearance at the greenmarkets, and overzealous sandal wearers have already been spotted. Bathing suit and, beachwear season is a mere few weeks away, but don't you worry. Here are a few simple tips to help you clean up your diet and lifestyle and ensure you stay on track this spring. 

keeping k for p? matzo brei two ways

If you are observing Passover this week, you are likely adjusting your eating routine. Although with the myriad of gluten-free and grain-free options and products available, keeping K for P is easier then ever. There are tons of flour alternatives, such as almond, chickpea, and coconut flours, as well as an abundance of products such as pastas, chips, and tortillas made from legumes. Not to mention the old faithful, cauliflower rice and vegetable noodles. But, if you are looking for ways to utilize your matzo, here are two simple spins on a classic Passover staple - matzo brei