The latest from the Radish

pumpkin and black bean chili

Fall is in the air, and what better way to celebrate then with the all star of fall produce - pumpkin! Pumpkins not only can be used as autumn decorations, they can also be the shining ingredient in a warm and hearty vegan chili. Give yourself a hug from the inside out and make this simple, flavorful, and extremely nourishing pumpkin and black bean chili!

vegan pumpkin spiced latte - a healthier take on your favorite seasonal beverage

Some mysteries don't need to be revealed - like what's actually lurking in your pumpkin spiced latte, but, if you want a pre-Halloween scare, check out the ingredients' list here. Ditch the carrageenan, sugar, food coloring, and sulfites and make your own with real, good for you ingredients. 

butternut squash, barley, and pecan salad

A majority of the meals I eat are in bowls - no surprises there. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner all typically fall into bowl food, whether it's fluffy eggs, oatmeal, or a grain or green salad, they all seem to do their best in bowls, garnished with the appropriate condiments and embellishments. Desserts and other treats have become "mug food". This tactic has become my way of portion control and also possibly my way of avoiding plates.

This fall squash salad is no exception to the bowl food rule. It can serve as a main course or as a festive side. Spicy and sweet squash mingled together with peppery arugula, buttery pecans, and tart cranberries make the perfect companions. This salad has been making regular appearances in my fall cooking routine and I guaranteed it will in yours too.