The latest from the Radish

roll out! very veggie summer rolls with chili peanut sauce

Now that summer is officially here, what better way to celebrate then with a summer roll! When the heat is at its peak, the last thing I ever want to do in my NYC kitchen is turn on the oven. Chilled wine and raw or slightly heat-kissed veggies are my recipe for summertime success. Summer rolls are nothing new, but they serve as the perfect vehicle to eat the rainbow, to get in your veggies, and can be a fun and interactive food to make with a buddy or a child. 

how to reclaim your energy and find your glow

Summer is the prefect opportunity to set your intentions for leading your healthiest life yet. Fresh produce is abundant, being outdoors is a sheer pleasure, and clothing is light and fun. A simple way to start feeling your best is by adopting a plant-based way of life. This doesn't mean becoming a strict vegan nor does it mean forgoing your morning omelets, but it does entail making plants the primary part of your plate. I teamed up with mindbodygreen for a fun and informative video course all about a plant-based way of life. 

your new avocado toast: shroom boom

Unlike the Radish, I have never been a huge fan of mushrooms, but this toast has me second-guessing everything I thought I knew. It hits all the right notes with all the right flavors. Beet greens complement the chanterelles nicely and gives you a wonderful way to utilize all those greens - especially once all the beets start rolling in from your CSA or greenmarket runs.  For too long I chucked my beet greens in the trash because I had no idea what to do with them.  Now I am beet-green-guilt-free. I keep them around and use them as I would any other dark leafy green.  Beet greens are rich in vitamins A, C, and K and are not as bitter as some other leafy greens. Sorry Kale.