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Friday Favorites

Happy day after Thanksgiving! Check out my Friday Favorites. 

my favorite way to eat cauliflower

I stumbled across this recipe in Gwyneth Paltrow’s It’s All Good and have been hooked ever since. My good friend loves mixing it with quinoa for added mileage. No matter how you toss it, this simple dish is a sure fire way to utilize your cauli in a filling and nourishing fashion.  Thanks GP.

Radish Recs: Healthy Holiday

For the next two months, most individuals are inundated by holiday merriment and seasonal celebrations with festive food in abundance. The festivities should not be hindered by total restriction, but should be viewed as an opportunity to practice the art of moderation and avoid any unwanted holiday weight gain. Mindful consumption is key when faced with the temptations at holiday gatherings. Here are some tips to help prevent weight gain and overindulging.