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Autumn Essentials

Autumn is my most favorite season of all. Chunky sweaters and boots replace denim shorts and bierks, warm spiced teas exchange hands with cold brew, and fall produce rich in winter squash, pears, apples, and sweet potatoes-show up in heaps at the local green market. I love the crisp air, fall foliage, and the tinglings of new beginnings. 

Travel Brilliantly: Think Inside The Box

I recently had the opportunity to partner with Mariott Hotels and Resorts for their Travel Brilliantly contest. I crafted my ideal snack kit that would welcome hungry and health-minded guests to their rooms. My curated kit has the guests' wellness in mind-to ensure optimal fuel, rejuvenation, and a bump from the post-travel slump. Feeling inspired? Submit your ideal welcome kit, #thinkoutsidethebox and enter for a chance to win.


What's inside my box? Find out here!

Summer Soba Solution

Summery soba noodle bowls with raw and roasted seasonal vegetables is the ideal simple and satiating end-of-summer meal. For this bowl, I tossed broccoli with cayenne pepper and chili powder to create a spicy coating and roasted until tender and slightly crisp. Thinly shredded raw zucchini and squash paired nicely with brown rice and wakame soba. To bring all the ingredients together, a quick lime and herb laced ginger tahini sauce was the ideal dressing for this light and summery bowl.