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How I Became a More Sustainable Shopper

As a registered dietitian and supporter of eating real whole foods, I have always been extremely mindful of the food I put into my body. Once Jack started joining us at the table, I became even more concerned about my food choices, especially how the food is grown and processed. Grocery stores (and even farmers’ markets) don’t make it easy. Simply picking out a carton of eggs can be a real doozy — there are so many labels and terminology that it can be very confusing deciphering what they all mean. Luckily I found a brand new website,, that has helped me understand how my food is grown and processed, and how to make the best decisions for my family. With their Food Label Guide and Real Food Encyclopedia on hand, making decisions during my shopping trips has become so much easier.

welcome to the annual crunchy radish clean up + the past 3 years of meal plans

Happy New Year! For the past three years I have featured the crunchy radish clean up plan on my site to help get your January started on a healthy note. If you are new here, I always like to state that I don’t believe in detox’s or cleanses, but do appreciate a few days of strict, regimented eating of REAL WHOLE FOODS. The last two months of the year feature lots of opportunities to indulge and to overdo it. People are inundated by holiday parties, family celebrations, and any excuse for sweets and drinks. Come January 1st, most people crave a fresh start. Enter the crunchy radish clean up. This year’s clean up plan is 3 days, but feel free to reference the past 3 years of plans listed below if you want to continue for longer.

crunchy radish clean up: day 1

Day one kicks off with a refreshing ginger mango spinach smoothie, followed by a snack of sweet potato wedges. Lunch is a protein filled lentil soup with a massaged kale salad with chickpeas and buckwheat groats for dinner.

crunchy radish clean up: day 2

Day two starts with a hearty and nourishing bowl of muesli. For snacks, enjoy cucumber with hummus and sweet potatoes with tahini. For dinner, have a virtuous bowl of spaghetti squash with arugula spinach and hemp seed pesto topped with za’atar roasted tomatoes.