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Super Bowl Slim Down- Three Healthy Dips to Step Up Your Game Day

The odds of eating dips on game day is pretty high. So, place your bets on lighter alternatives to win the ultimate game, your health.  Here are three dips that have a nutritious spin on the classics, and some tips on how to have a guilt-free Super Bowl party.

Trade Up Your Wing Dings for This Healthier Alternative

Football is usually synonymous with wings. Fried greasy nibbles, indigestion, and hangovers also typically go hand in hand with game day.  For a healthy alternative to chicken wings, consider these spicy buffalo chicken meatballs that pack all of the elements of a basket of wings into compact balls-minus the butter, grease, and oil. Serve these spicy little balls with a cooling herb dip to elevate your game day viewing pleasure.

my favorite way to eat chips - yes chips

Not to be a downer but chips are typically a "no go" in the clean eats world. Normally fried, processed, and laded with sodium and oil, chips offer no nutritional benefits whatsoever. Turn that frown upside down, because I've got you covered with these baked chili lime corn tortilla chips. These crunchy crits are the perfect vehicle for your dips, game day and beyond. Just don't forget the cruditès.