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morning stories

Morning rituals manifest different identities for every individual. Whether they consist of frantically running out the door to catch a train or having the pleasure of making French pressed coffee and steel cut oats, everyone has their ritual. Everybody has their story.  These are my morning stories...

Super Simple Soup

Tomatoes can be fickle, sometimes emanating pure summer in a mouthful, while at other times promises of juiciness and the pristine balance of acid and sweet turn out to be mealy and bland.  A surefire way to elevate your tomato game is a slow and leisurely roast. Slow roasted tomatoes have endless possibilities- tossed with brown rice pasta, pureed into tomato sauce, submerged in a grain bowl, or blended for a simple and flavorful soup. Here is my super simple slow roasted tomato soup.

Is This The New Hummus?

Squash can be utilized in many ways.  For this recipe, I took roasted butternut squash and garlic and blended them together to create a simple, nutritious, and delicious spread. The ingredients and process are minimal, but the end result is quite robust. The squash is simply served-spread on toasted whole grain nut and seed bread, garnished with chives or pomegranate seeds. Use it as a dip with baked whole grain or corn tortilla chips and vegetables or in place of mayo or hummus on your next sandwich.