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summer salad series: wedge salad with yogurt ranch dressing and smoked paprika almonds

Summer salad season has commenced, and warm weather cooking is focused on easy fare with minimal heat and prep. My body always craves crunchy and fresh foods when the temperature rise, and I certainly try and avoid lengthy time in the kitchen. A classic wedge salad typically features iceberg lettuce, blue cheese dressing, and bacon - tasty but not very nutritious. For a more virtuous spin on the classic wedge, consider this salad which features yogurt ranch dressing and crunchy romaine lettuce along with other vegetables -all topped with smokey almonds.

sheet pan chicken and chickpea shawarma

In search of a quick, delicious, and nutritious sheet pan dinner? Consider Andrew’s signature sheet pan chicken shawarma with chickpeas and red onion. This dinner is one of our speedy go-to weeknight mains. We usually have it with a grain such as quinoa, farro, or cous cous with some fresh herbs folded in. A refreshing quick cucumber salad made with sliced cucumbers dressed with apple cider vinegar, white balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and fresh dill add a nice crunch factor and a hearty dollop of plain tangy yogurt make this a complete and tasty weeknight meal. 

summer salad series - springy farro salad with peas and asparagus

Spring and summer time meals are all about optimizing convenience. Minimal time prepping and cooking, maximum time enjoying the outdoors - Aperol Spritz or Rosé in hand. Grain salads are always my go-to vehicle for utilizing seasonal produce and making a meal earlier in the day (i.e. nap time) and enjoying it for dinner or lunch the next day. This grain salad formula is adaptable to what you have on hand or what you can snag at the greenmarket. If you can’t find or want asparagus or peas, try string beans, radish, grilled zucchini, fresh or oven roasted tomatoes or even corn. The options are yours! If you are gluten-free swap in brown rice in place of the farro and if you are dairy-free, consider kite hill ricotta as a vegan cheese alternative.

summer salad series - greek grain salad

In a continual effort to give the people what they want, I posed a question on social media last week asking the veghead community what they would like to see more of on crunchy radish. A large majority of you said simple salads and lunches. This salad checks those boxes and can be made in advance and simply assembled in the morning for a packable crunchable lunch.