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brussels sprouts and squash chopped salad

The September 2018 issue of Bon Appetit Magazine features a chopped salad from San Francisco restaurant, Che Fico. The image alone sold me, but so did the layers of flavors from all the ingredients - honey roasted squash, seared brussels sprouts, bitter radicchio, marinated chickpeas, salty olives, and cheese all tossed with a peppy Italian dressing. The multi-step process to recreate this salad was definitely something I was not sold on. I love the idea of this hearty salad as a main, but don’t love the multiple steps required to make it. I set out to build a better version that did not take two plus hours, still tasted amazing, and shaved some of butter and the cheese from the original recipe.

ginger curry butternut squash soup

It finally started to feel like fall this week in New York City with what felt like a rapid drop in temperature. A comforting bowl of soup is what I immediately crave when the seasonal chill starts to set in. Using an immersion blender or high speed blender is the perfect way to achieve creamy soup without dairy or butter. Additionally, the squash has a good amount of body and starch which allows for a creamy and decadent texture sans the cream. In my continual quest to optimize nutritional value in my food, I added immune boosting ginger and curry powder to the soup base.

Apple Cinnamon Yogurt Pancakes

Apple picking season has commenced. If you happen to have some freshly picked apples or snagged some seasonal apples from the farmers market, you may be looking for some ways to utilize your bounty. Enter the apple cinnamon yogurt pancakes - also full of protein and fiber. These pancakes come together easily and are just as tasty when made in advance. Just reheat or eat cold, and you have a quick and delicious back-to-school breakfast that is perfect for those busy frenetic mornings. If you really want to go the extra mile, consider topping the pancakes with an extra dollop of yogurt and some sautéd cinnamon apples. You or your back-to-schooler will be very grateful.

pumpkin and hemp seed granola

Granola is one of those foods that can start out with healthy intensions and then turn into a sugar loaded faux healthy meal or snack. The foundation is typically a wholesome one, but then it becomes adulterated with loads of sugar, oil, possibly some chocolate chips, and sugar coated dried fruit. This recipe for a healthy, "feel good" pumpkin and hemp seed granola, which is loaded with seeds, spices, some maple syrup, and fiber will leave you satisfied and satiated without the post sugar high slump.