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crunchy radish mother's day gift guide

Whether you are cooking brunch for your Mom, relaxing together at the spa, or delivering a lush bouquet, Mother's Day is all about spoiling the special ladies in your life. Here are gifts for helping you do just that. 

gluten-free chocolate coconut macaroons

Baking has never been my strong suit but, since embarking on my culinary journey in the Chef's Training Program at The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, my feelings toward baking have improved. It was in the wheat-free and gluten-free baking class where my affinity for chocolate coconut macaroons was permanently realized and my appreciation for baking as an art form was confirmed. The simplicity of this decadent recipe is an easy sell, and its light and rich taste and texture seals the deal. Gluten-free chocolate coconut macaroons - perfect for Passover or for a seamless gluten-free treat. 

four ways to top your matzoh

For those of you observing Passover, swapping in matzoh for leavened bread can get a tad tedious as the eight days unfold. To help keep your matzoh game on point, crunchy radish is featuring some delicious and nutritious matzoh toppers to help you avoid matzoh boredom.