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smoky black bean soup with maple chipotle pumpkin seeds

Black bean soup was one of the first recipes that I experimented with when I started cooking through a plant-based lens. I most likely did not soak my beans, and I remember feeling highly impatient with the unexpectedly long cooking time. I even gave up that evening and finished cooking the soup the following day. Through years of legume cookery and culinary school, I learned that black bean cooking time can be fickle, yet the rewarding taste and texture of dried beans surpasses anything that can come from a can

crunchy radish clean up: how to sustain your healthy eating all year long

Whether you followed my clean up plan to a " T", or used it as a spring board to set yourself up for success the first week into the New Year, the question of how to sustain the positive momentum is quite valid. Most people give up on their resolutions by mid-January due, in part, to setting severe protocols. If your goal is to work out everyday, abstain from alcohol for a month, or go gluten and dairy-free for life, living in extremes is not sustainable or particularly enjoyable. Life is about balance and being in control of your eating habits.

crunchy radish clean up: day 7

You made it to day seven. Congratulations! Hopefully you have noticed that eating cleanly and resetting your system does not have to boring, bland, or limiting. Making vegetables and whole grains the primary focus of your plate is a simple and incredibly nourishing way to lead a clean and a balanced diet. Day seven closes out with baked oatmeal, turmeric cauliflower and lentil salad, and carrot noodles with peanut sauce!