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cold sesame tofu with rice noodles

There is a Cold Sesame Chicken recipe from the New York Times that I have gone back to quite a few times this summer. It is delicious, super simple, and perfect for make ahead meals. To adapt the recipe for a plant-forward crowd, I decided to swap in tofu for the main and serve it over brown rice noodles with crunchy marinated cucumbers, peanuts, and cilantro, resulting in a refreshing and easy summer meal.

cold cucumber and yogurt soup

It’s the peak of August, which means that summer produce is at an all time high - as is the temperature. To optimize outdoor time and minimize oven usage time, I have been leaning heavily on my blender to whip up chilled soups. I am partial to a cold soup that can be easily sipped from a chilled glass, no spoon required. If you are a bowl and spoon type, this works just as well in that format. This soup is the perfect antidote to a hot day when all you need is cold, veggies, and lunch simultaneously.

summer salad series: peach, corn, and arugula salad with crispy chickpeas

It is hard to believe that it is already August. Once the 4th of July rolls through, summer always seems to jump into hyper speed. Good thing that my favorite season is just at summer's coattails - fall! Before we enter "pumpkin spice land", let's savor all of late summer's bounty. This salad captures just that and features peaches, corn, and sun gold tomatoes tossed together with peppery arugula, crispy crunchy chickpeas, toasted almonds, and creamy tart feta. It's perfect for a hot summer night or a simple poolside lunch.

grilled peaches with honey cinnamon yogurt and granola

Peaches are a quintessential sign of summer. They are the “eat over the sink” kind of fruit with the sweet juices dribbling down your chin. If you happen to be overloaded with peaches, especially ones that are on the firm side, consider grilling them and making a healthy stone fruit-centered dessert or even breakfast. This is a great option when you already have the hot grill going for dinner. These peaches cook up in 4 minutes a side and are a delicious compliment to a meal. No outdoor grill? No problem. A grill pan works just as well.