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Summer Soba Solution

Summery soba noodle bowls with raw and roasted seasonal vegetables is the ideal simple and satiating end-of-summer meal. For this bowl, I tossed broccoli with cayenne pepper and chili powder to create a spicy coating and roasted until tender and slightly crisp. Thinly shredded raw zucchini and squash paired nicely with brown rice and wakame soba. To bring all the ingredients together, a quick lime and herb laced tahini sesame sauce was the ideal dressing for this light and summery bowl.

This is What My Weekend Tasted Like: Silent City Slicker Edition

There is something to be said for the tranquility that cloaks the city during the last month of summer. Some may feel like “the leftovers”- left behind while the “others” leave in droves, a mass exodus to the various summer retreats.  I typically find solace and comfort in the quiet and serenity of it all. It’s the feeling that somehow you are in on a little secret - that the city, which at times succumbs to lunacy and  haste, has a softer and more mellow side. It is during the fleeting month that I find myself sauntering into a typically packed and popular restaurant at 8 p.m. on a Saturday night or get lost among the townhouses of the West Village without the droves of tourists trailing at my heels.

This is What My Weekend Tasted Like: The North Fork and Sag Harbor

This past weekend was spent celebrating my Lil’ G's 91st birthday. We opted for the North Fork for our revelries - the perfect combination of liquid libations, tranquility, and fabulous local eats.