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how to reduce food waste + roasted cauliflower with anchovy breadcrumbs

I don't usually make New Year's resolutions because of the added pressure and the high rate of failure. However, this year there is one resolution that I know I can stick to - reducing my food waste. There are so many things that are happening to our environment that make us feel helpless, yet, reducing the amount of food that we waste is one direct way to make an impact on the food system, pollution, and your wallet. 

the annual crunchy radish clean up

Happy New Year Vegheads! Today starts my annual crunchy radish clean up. Every year I like to provide readers with 5 days of clean eats to help reset the system after the holiday season. My clean ups are not reliant on juice cleanses, detoxing, or sustaining yourself on processed protein powders. Instead, the focus is on EATING real whole foods.

There is always such a positive momentum generated by healthy eating on January 1st, but how do you sustain that enthusiasm past the first month of the year and continue eating and living well into February and beyond? To help you get the year started on a positive and properly nourished note, I will be kicking off my mostly plant-based, carefully curated meal plan full of REAL food to get you reset for 2018.

crunchy radish clean up: tips and tricks

Below you will find the framework and principles for my clean up plan to get you started on a healthy and properly nourished note for 2018. All of these principals can be applied to your eating habits all year long and especially reinforced when your body is craving a little reset.