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six snacks to pack for your next flight

I am all about snacking mindfully. Snacking not only keeps the hangry beast at bay, it stabilizes blood sugar, optimizes your metabolism, and prevents overeating. Travel should not be an excuse to let your clean and conscious eating habits go by the wayside. Sure, I am all for a vacation indulgence or two, but it should be worth it and not because you did not set yourself up for success. Airport and airplane food are notoriously unhealthy and laden with preservatives, sodium, and sugar. But why get stuck in a bind? Here are six snacks which are travel-appropriate and will leave you looking and feeling great by the time you reach your destination.  

late summer slow roasted tomato + eggplant pasta

I am not going to lie; this is probably one of the best pastas that I have ever made. It is incredibly easy and highlights the beautiful produce which is peaking on the east coast right now. The only catch is that it takes time....approximately 4 hours of your precious end of summer time. Don't despair. I have a trick to make this seamless, simple, clean, and delicious dish yours without the elongated wait. 

radish recs: chicago

In celebration of my little g's 92nd birthday, my family and I descended upon Chicago. We had little more than 48 hours. Our mission: To eat the best we could and to see as many sites as possible. Mission status: Accomplished. For my complete radish recs head on over to the travel section.