Did Someone Say Larb Gai?

An interpretation of a traditional Thai dish

DiPaola free-range, antibiotic free, 96% fat free, casing free turkey sausage (the turkey wasn't free), lemongrass, scallion, red pepper, cilantro, jalapeno with a ginger garlic sesame soy sauce.  Accompaniments: Boston lettuce, mint, jalapeno and lime.

Larb gai is an extremely simple and extraordinarily flavorful lean dish. This satisfying meal is crunchy, spicy and satiating. I have always been partial to the addition of spice to my food and capsaicin, which is the component in peppers which contains the heat, may also be beneficial to ones health. Capsaicin has anti-inflammatory benefits and is a phytochemical. A phytochemical is the active compound of a plant, which is thought to give the consumer protection from free radicals (harmful molecules). The fiery power of capsaicin helps control blood clotting and acts as a blood thinner which may aid in the reduction in risk of blood clots and artery disease. Capsaicin is also beneficial for digestion and can help fight bacteria in the stomach and prevent “poo stew”.

Hot peppers have the highest amount of capsaicin but sweet, green, yellow and red bell peppers all contain this powerful component. So if your food needs a pick me up, put some peppers in the pot!