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My top 5 summer snacks

Just like your wardrobe, your diet changes with the seasons. My summer snacks tend to be lighter, juicier, and crunchier. Here are my top 5 summer snacks that I will be munching on all season long. 

eggplant "meatballs" from kitchen matters cookbook

I have long admired Pamela Salzman for many reasons. Firstly, her food philosophy is real and authentic. She doesn't prescribe to any diet fads and simply endorses eating real unadulterated foods with mainly a plant-based slant. Secondly, as a mom of three, she has meal prep and family friendly foods down to an art. In addition to running her popular cooking classes in LA, she has created a stunning cookbook, Kitchen Matters, which focuses on wholesome and nourishing recipes that are all adaptable to various dietary needs. I am thrilled to share an incredibly delicious recipe from Pamela's book that has already become a favorite in my home. I know that, once you try it out, it will be in heavy rotation in yours too. 

summer reset - ginger turmeric pineapple smoothie time

The official start of summer is almost here, yet it already feels like the season is in full swing. Cool off, refresh, and get your day started off right with a cleansing and delicious ginger turmeric and pineapple smoothie.