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how to not fart on your valentine

Worried about ruining a romantic rendezvous with a bottom burp? Don’t worry. You are not a lone. Gas happens to all of us. The main causes are the digestion of certain foods or the fermentation of undigested food in the colon. Eating too quickly, eating in excess, malabsorption, and consuming certain foods that produce gas as a byproduct can all lead to bloating, discomfort, and a cheek squeak. Some of the main culprits that cause gas are fatty foods as well as nutrition powerhouses like brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, and asparagus, which, when digested, produce excess gas and lead to bloating in the body. Dairy, certain fruits, and beans are also some leading gas producing foods.

potato party! crispy smashed potatoes with garlic herb yogurt and shiitake bacon

I am a huge potato gal, especially when they are simply roasted until crispy. For an elevated spin, crispy smashed potatoes get a delicious addition of garlicky herb yogurt, shiitake bacon, and lots of fresh parsley for a colorful and tasty side dish, snack, or super bowl centerpiece.

9 healthy things to make for super bowl sunday

It's Super Bowl time! Which means hours of beer guzzling, wing nibbling, and chip dipping in vast quantities. Game day does not have to be unhealthy. Here are nine simple, nutritious, and delicious ideas that won’t leave you in a greasy, salty state by the 4th quarter.

winter soup series: tomato, kale, and white bean stew

I recently dined at King, a restaurant in NYC. The meal was delicious and warming. The dishes were uncomplicated - just the type of food I want to enjoy when I eat out. One hearty dish which really stood out was the ribollita, which is a Tuscan bean and tomato bread stew. It was dense and crispy and belly warming. I wanted to create something similar at home, minus the bread. Yes, I am aware that it is hard to omit the bread in a bread stew. Yet, with the inspiration intact, my bread stew morphed into a hearty tomato and bean soup, heavy on the kale, with the addition of potato to add some density and texture. Just what my belly asked for in the dark days of winter.