The Crunchy Radish Way


Nutrition, wellness, and, above all, good tasting food have always been at the central core of the Crunchy Radish. Seasonality and “clean eating” dominate my cooking ethos, and I strive to practice those beliefs in and out of the kitchen. I initially developed the Crunchy Radish as a creative outlet to share with readers what goes on in the kitchen of a Registered Dietitian, the designated deliverer of the "healthy diet".  Yet, I have found that it has evolved into so much more.

The Crunchy Radish is about inspiring home cooks of all skill levels to get into the kitchen and cook healthily. I set out to prove that healthy cooking does not have to be complicated or lacking in flavor with laundry lists of obscure ingredients. I always strive to provide my readers with nutritive tidbits about the power of the foods that I am cooking as well as the added incentive of making small, simple, and sustainable changes that will have an impact in the short and long-term.

I try to cook with a plant-based focus, utilizing seasonality and organic ingredients when I can. As an ardent lover of avocado, whose day is not complete without the fruit mashed, sliced, or topped onto something that I am consuming, I stray away from seasonal eating on occasion. I avoid processed, artificial, and refined ingredients as well any unnatural forms of sugar.  

I do believe in cooking with a glass of wine, good music, and having the occasional co-pilot. I love sharing meals with loved ones. I think it is essential to have indulgences and to understand the importance of eating cleanly and staying on track.

I do not believe in or support fad diets or juice cleanses. I believe in making life-sustaining simple changes that will, in turn, help you indefinitely.

I am a fully licensed and accredited Registered Dietitian and natural foods chef. I focus on content and recipe development for brands and media outlets and am also available for private or group counseling. For more specific information on recipe development, sponsorship, or wellness counseling and consulting contact me directly at

Please be respectful about sharing my recipes, advice, and nutrition knowledge. I work incredibly hard to maintain the integrity of this site.  Give credit where it is due. If referencing, please cite Miranda Hammer, MS,RD,CDN, 2019 Crunchy Radish.

Above all, go to your farmer's market or local grocery store and get cooking!